Allie Already!

I'm a tattooer at Abandoned Art in Perth, Western Australia, I have a long road ahead of me but I'm sure loving it so far, follow if you like my tattoos and artwork! :)

Little elephant in ye old bicep this arvo, thanks so much Tash! You’re a warrior! #tattoo #elephanttattoo #neotradsub #newtattooworkers #ntgallery
This tonight, thanks so much Marley! 😘
Couldn’t fit this side in the last photo ✌️
Velocilady today, thanks so much Tara! #neotradsub #newtattooworkers #tattoo
This is happening
Close up πŸ‘“
Starting this one today, this should hurt my Brian πŸ‘
Who’s a cutie bum!!? 🐯
Pretty little elephant ☺️🐘🌸
Big old coverup, thanks Conrad!